Audit and assurance

Our responsibility at PGE&Co is to foster trust in financial reporting

In the dynamic landscape of global auditing, our dedicated team of auditors follows a unified, international and risk-based audit methodology, ensuring alignment with the International Standards of Auditing (ISAs) and adapting to new standards as they emerge.

Our commitment to quality, independence, transparency, and advanced methodologies extends across all our services, aiming to guarantee compliance with professional standards while optimizing value for your organization and providing financial reporting assurance to all stakeholders.

Drawing on a wealth of expertise, our team of auditors caters to a diverse range of clients, from high-profile entities with global operations to local groups of companies and SMEs.

Our services stretch beyond statutory external audits, to internal audits of processes and procedures, review engagements and any other assurance service.

Our strong collaboration with selected global firms ensures seamless service and access to valuable support in addressing industry and regional challenges.

Rest assured knowing that PGE&Co is by your side.

More Services


Bespoke services assisting you in navigating through the complexities of today's business landscape. As trusted advisors we work with entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses, either mature or startups and with teamwork, expertise, and industry insights we ensure that we get the job done effectively.



Our expertise ranges from corporate to personal income tax, social security, VAT, capital gains tax, withholding taxes, and other local taxes. From strategic tax planning to navigating complex tax compliance requirements, we help businesses optimize their operations and mitigate tax-related risks.



We specialize in the preparation and audit of consolidated financial statements, in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. Our expert team ensures that valuable and useful group accounts are prepared, always remaining committed to transparency and integrity.



We undertake the complete payroll function on behalf of our clients, offering them ease of mind and assurance that their business complies with all the rules and regulations concerning their workforce. Focus on the essential parts of your business, let us handle the payroll jargon.



Businesses in Cyprus are mandated to maintain proper accounting books and records. These records must encompass all financial transactions, including receipts, expenses, sales, purchases, assets, and liabilities. Accurate and complete reports ensure transparency and accountability.


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