Elevate your payroll and social security management and processes with us. You and your team will be thankful.

Discover seamless and high-quality payroll and social security services for your Cyprus-based workforce. We engage in detailed consultations to understand your Human Resource and Payroll requirements, tailoring solutions that benefit both your company and staff. Our dedicated teams in PGE&Co handle all necessary paperwork, communication, and government department interactions for a hassle-free experience.

Services include:

  • Employer and Employee Registration: Ensuring compliance by registering your company and employees with local authorities for Social Insurance and Income Tax.
  • Comprehensive Payroll Management: From advising on employment contracts to precise weekly and/or monthly payroll calculations, we manage the entire payroll process confidentially and efficiently, even up to the distribution of pay-slips to staff.
  • Tax Computations and Timely Payments: Accurately determining monthly tax deductions based on signed TD59 forms, and ensuring timely salary remittance and payments to the relevant government departments.
  • Government Compliance: Trust us with the submission of all necessary monthly and annual statements/returns to government departments, including the Tax Department and the Social Insurance Department.
  • Provident Fund Services: Benefit from our assistance in preparing Provident Fund Rules and Regulations, registration with local authorities, administration, and annual income allocation to members' accounts.

Contact PGE&Co now to explore how our expertise can streamline your payroll and social security processes, providing you with ease of mind and operational efficiency.

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